Analytics & Reports

Our systems collect, store and automatically process vast amounts of data into simple graphics and easy-to-understand statistics... all accessible at the touch of a button.

What we deliver

GPS tracking provides so much objective detail about how people use your site.  This enables us to report back important information such as: 

  • How many people visit the different areas around your site?

  • How long do people stay in each area?

  • Do they return multiple times throughout the day?

  • Are any areas commonly missed or ignored?

  • How do people get to the different areas?

  • Are any paths or routes over or underused?

  • Do people get lost anywhere or do they turn back?

  • What order do people visit the different areas?

  • How are all these things affected by a person's demographic or group size?

  • Do repeat visitors behave differently from new visitors?

And that's just the beginning!

TracAce Explorer is customisable, which means if you have a specific idea or question in mind, we can answer it for you.


Uncover the full potential of GPS data...

You'll find our regular automated reports incredibly helpful, but you don't have to stop there.  GPS data reveals patterns that are completely specific to your location and customer base. 


We offer an additional Customised Analytics Package to help you discover the full value of your data.  Our statistics experts will perform advanced analyses on the dataset to reveal hidden patterns and relationships between the different variables that you've probably never even thought of!

So, if you have specific issues to address, questions you'd like answering, or just want to know a bit more about what's going on at your site, make sure you ask about our Customised Analytics Package.

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