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Our Software

TracAce Explorer is an innovative software program that collects, stores and analyses huge amounts of data, turning it into vital information, graphics and statistics about your customers.

How it works...

Capture data from your visitors with our GPS trackers or the free TracAce Explorer smart phone app. 


This data is anonymised and sent to our servers where it is automatically checked, processed and stored.


You can log into a personalised web-based dashboard to view live data about your site, check your latest statistics and download the ever revealing graphics. 


Our apps also offer a direct line of communication between you and your visitors, allowing your to provide them with your site information, notifications, maps and more...

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The TracAce Explorer App

We've created a new smart phone app which is free to download on IOS or Android.  This app is a fantastic tool for any site or location that attracts members of the public. 


Visitors can select the site they are visiting and volunteer to send you data about their visit.  In return, they get free access to loads of handy information about your site, any suggested routes, live notifications about events and offers, site news and a customised site map. 


You essentially get a free mobile phone app which is specific to your location!


Our GPS Trackers

We also offer GPS trackers as an alternative to our app.  These small, lightweight devices collect GPS data in a similar way to a phone.


You can rent or buy a set of our GPS trackers, which are all set up and ready to go.  All you have to do is turn them on and hand them to your visitors for the duration of their trip.

Click here to learn about our data analytics and reports...

GL300 GPS 

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Size: 7x4x2.5cm

Network: All 4 major networks

Minimum Report Frequency: 5s

Accuracy: <2.5m

Battery: 120hrs (5min reporting)

Features: Call for assistance button